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Collection Lambert
Museums in Avignon

Museums and Collections

Avignon’s many museums reflect its policy of using its architectural heritage for present day enjoyment.

The Calvet museum, in a sumptuous 18th century former private home, displays a wide range of art.

The archaeology museum is housed in the 17th century former Jesuit chapel.

The Petit Palais, built during the time of the popes, is now devoted to Italian painting and Avignon art from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

The Palais du Roure, a 15th century home, displays Provençal collections.

The Requien museum is a natural history museum in a 17th century mansion.

The Angladon-Dubrujeaud museum is home to 19th and 20th century masterpieces and other art works collected by the family and displayed in their home.

The Municipal Archives are housed in a 17th century building which was first a pawn shop and then a silk works centre which today displays objects from its past.

The Collection Lambert, contemporary art museum, opened in 2000 in an 18th century mansion.

Several private undertakings have also renovated and perpetuated the beauty of old monuments, such as the Hotel La Mirande in a 17th century mansion, and the Hotel Saint-Louis in the Jesuit Noviciate.

Contemporary art of the past four decades

Located in the heart of Avignon, the Hotel de Caumont houses the Collection Lambert, an exceptional collection of contemporary artworks from the pas four decades. This new museum is a place of dynamic exchanges between local, national and international cultural organizations.

Events throughout the year 2000 showcased the vitality of a very dynamic local network of associations and visual artists. Much of the work then travelled to several European capitals, and such exchange has fostered an active international network.